TSQL Fizz Buzz

Here’s another journey through the world of simple programming problems… FizzBuzz, T-SQL edition. So just like the rest of the Fizz Buzz solutions. The idea is simple, for every number 1-100, if it’s divisible by 3 print ‘fizz’, if it’s divisible by 5 print ‘buzz’, if both print ‘fizzbuzz’, otherwise print the number. So here is a basic SQL solution:

WITH ctCounter AS
	SELECT 1 AS Number


	SELECT Number + 1 AS Number
	FROM ctCounter
	WHERE Number < 100
SELECT ISNULL(NULLIF(CONCAT(fizz.f, buzz.b), ''), c.Number) FROM ctCounter c
LEFT JOIN (VALUES('fizz')) fizz(f)
  ON c.Number % 3 = 0
LEFT JOIN (VALUES('buzz')) buzz(b)
  ON c.Number % 5 = 0

This is a common table expression, which generates a row for each number between 1 and 100. Then joins with the values ‘fizz’ and ‘buzz’. After that, it concatenates the fizz and buzz together, and if it still results in an empty string, selects the original number. The NULLIF function is useful for that, because it is basically the inverse of ISNULL. If the first parameter matches the second parameter, it returns null, otherwise returns the first parameter.

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